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Combo 2 x DMX Cables (2 Cond. + Drain + Alum/Foil Screen) + Mains Power 3x1,5 7XD2F315SX (CADMX2P)

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The SYNTAX POWER + 2 DMX has a main power line with a wires diameter of 3 x 1.5 mm¦ and two DMX 512 twisted pair cables. 

The digital signal pair is shielded with an aluminium/polyester foil screen and covered with a black PVC jacket and the power line is equipped with its own PVC jacket for added safety in compliance with the I.E.C. regulation. 

Suitable for parallel controls for light mixing boards via power line and DMX signal via digital cable. Also used for analogic audio devices when power supplied. The external black PVC jacket is flame-retardant, very flexible, trampling-proof, impact absorbing and water-proof.

Overall diameter: 14.5 mm. 
Operating temperature: -30¦ to 70¦ C

Nominal Impedence: 1-4 Mhz  110 ohm
External jacket: Black PVC Ï 4,3 mm flame-retardant 
Conductors jacket: red/black foam - skin Ï 1,4 mm 
Conductors: bare OFC 24 AWG 19 x 0,12 mm 
Drain wire: tinned OFC 24 AWG 7 x 0,20 mm 
Screen: aluminium/polyester foil 100% coverage
D.C.R. Conductors: <90 ohm/km
D.C.R. Shield: <70 ohm/km
Capacitance cond./cond.: 1Khz 40  Nf/km
Capacitance cond./shield: 1Khz 80  Nf/km

External jacket: black PVC Ï 7,5 mm flame-retardant 
Conductors: 3 x bare OFC 15 AWG 82 x 0,15 mm - 1.5 mm¦
Conductors jacket: Brown, Blue, Yellow-Green PVC Ï 2,5 mm twisted

Priced per metre. 

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