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1m Black Kit 19mm Aluminium Corner Profile LEDAL11B (LEDAL11B)

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Aluminium track from Penn Elcom LED to be used with OSRAM LINEARlight Flex or other LED modules. The track works as an excellent heat sink, providing optimum cooling of LED modules for long life and high reliability.

The tracks can be shortened to the desired length.

Included in the KIT

LEDAL11A1MB - 1M black aluminium extrusion
LEDAL11DC1M - 1M diffuse cover
LEDAL11EC - End Cap without hole
LEDAL11ECH - End Cap with hole for cable entry
LEDAL11MB - 2 x mounting brackets

+ Aluminium anodized track for LED Flex or LED modules
+ Thick base for high wattage LED strips
+ Easy and fast assembly and connection.
+ Inclined at 45 degrees
+ Suitable for LED strips not wider than 13 mm

+ Excellent heat sink providing long life and reliability for LED
+ Easy installation of the LED Flex or modules
+ 1 year Warranty.

Application area:
+ Edge lighting;
+ Strip lighting;
+ Cove lighting;
+ Anywhere LED Flex or an LED module needs extra support.

Other options/accessories available:

LEDAL11 - 1M grey anodized aluminium KIT
LEDAL11M2 - 2M grey anodized aluminium KIT
LEDAL11M2B - 2M black KIT
LEDAL11W - 1M white KIT
LEDAL11M2W - 2M white KIT

Suitable for the Flex strips not over 13 mm.

Height: 19 mm
Length: 1000 mm
Material: 6063 anodized aluminium
Warranty: 1 year
Width (Interior): 13.2 mm
Width (Opening): 11.2 mm
Base thickness: 3 mm
Base colour: Black
Cover material: PC

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