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10U Flat Pack Rack System 10/32 UNF Black R8500-10 (R8500-10)

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Flat Pack Rack System with Square Hole Rail(R8400 Series) or 10/32 UNF Tapped Rail (R8500 Series)

Use R0856K for Rack Shelf Support.

Add G to Part Number for Light Grey (RAL7035).

Suitable fasteners for racking equipment are S1170, S1045k & S1941 or S1940.

Can be fitted with Castors or M8 Adjuster Feet (not included).

For Light Duty, Use R8480 Castor set.
For Larger Systems use W0980 and W0980/B or W0990/80 and W0985/80 or W0990-V6 and W0985-V6 Castors.
Material: Steel

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