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12U Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure M6 R6412RHF-M6 (R6412RHF-M6)

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12U Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure (M6 Threaded Rails)

Our flagship R6400 450mm / 17.72" Deep Wall Mount Rackcabinet series, factory fitted with the R6400-RHF double hinged swing-out frame for unrivalled rear access.

Available in four sizes: 6U, 9U, 12U and 18U.

Model pictured: 6U, threaded rails

- Fitted with reversible threaded and square hole rails
- Removable side panels and front door (also lockable)
- Integrated cable management rails and knockouts
- 3 top fan vents to assist airflow cooling

- Reversible, choose either left or right hinged
- Heavy-duty hinges bear a load of 50kg/110.23lb
- Threaded or square hole rails supplied
- 1U knockouts for cable access
- Frame is separately lockable

Material: Steel

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