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Wall Mount Bracket for Apple TV WB-ATVG4-W (WB-ATVG4-W)

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Wall Mount Bracket for Apple TV 4th Generation & 4K
Product Dimensions:
- Width: 100.4mm / 3.95inch
- Height: 99.2mm / 3.9inch
- Depth: 37.9 mm / 1.49inch
Mounting Holes:
- Countersink: 7.5mm / 0.30inch
- Holes: 5.5mm / 0.22inch
Finish: White
Also comes with Velcro tape for hole free installation.
Custom wall mount bracket available for any piece of equipment on the market, AV Equipment, Games Consoles etc.
Suitable for generation 4 & 5 (4K).

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