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Medium Overlatch Protective Ridges 3000

Medium Overlatch Protective Ridges 3000 (3000)

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Medium Valance Spanning Overlatch in Shallow Offset Dish with Protective Ridges

Securely close your case with a Penn Elcom valance spanning latch mounted in a one-part dish. This latch has a blade action which allows it to be mounted below the edge extrusion, eliminating the need to cut through the extrusion. When unlocked, the blade springs back onto the dish. The catch plate can be mounted directly onto the lid's edge extrusion or onto a Lidmaker extrusion. The Zinc plating offers an excellent protection against corrosion. The protective ridges shield the latch from being accidentally hit or damaged. The top of the dish is offset so it can sit on top of the edge extrusion. With a depth of only 10mm / 3/8", the shallow dish will not protrude inside the case, even when used with panels as thin as 10mm / 3/8".

åÊ-åÊHook Length from Dish Offset: 57.8mm / 2 1/4"
åÊ-åÊDish Width: 75.4mm / 3"
åÊ-åÊDish Height: 90.1mm / 3 9/16"
åÊ-åÊDish Depth: 9.5mm / 3/8"
åÊ-åÊOffset: 15mm / 9/16" on top edge of the dish
åÊ-åÊLockable: No
åÊ-åÊFinish: Zinc
åÊ-åÊMaterial: 1.2mm / 18 gauge Steel
åÊ-åÊWeight: 0.13kg / 0.28lb

åÊ-åÊPanel Cut-Out Size: 62.3mm x 46mm / 2 7/16" x 1 13/16"
åÊ-åÊMounting Holes: 6 x 5.2mm / 3/16"
åÊ-åÊRivets Required for Installation: 6
åÊ-åÊUse Catch Plate 2007

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