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Gaffa Tape White 48mm x 50M Economy 3159-Wh-GAFFA (3159-Wh-GAFFA)

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Waterproof Cloth Tape White
Known as Gaffa Tape or Cloth Tape Scapa 3159 is an economy grade; polyethylene laminated waterproof cloth tape, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive tape used in the movie and entertainment industry and elsewhere. Although the tape is difficult to break by pulling, it is easily torn by hand along either axis and leaves little to no residue when removed.
Colours available, black, silver and white.

Roll Length: 50M
Roll Width: 48mm
Core: Plain Cardboard
Thickness: 0.17mm
Tensile Strength: 35Ncmm
Adhesion to Steel: 4 N/cm
Adhesion to Backing: 2.5N/cm
Good water resistance
Good adhesion and strength
Flexible and conformable
Can be split to size across and lengthways
Good low temperature performance
Service temperature 0 to +60C
Priced per roll: available in any quantity
Packaging: Individual rolls in boxes of 24

Rolls should be stored flat on their cut edges in the normal packaging, until required for use.
Must be protected from dust, heat, moisture, direct sunlight and solvent fumes.
Usage is recommended within one year.

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