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Corner Brace Large Tight Radius Offset 51.4mm x 47mm B1123 (B1123)

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Corner Brace Large Tight Radius Offset

B1123 is a large 6 hole flight case corner brace with a tight radius, offset for extrusions. Flight case braces are a small but major component when assembling any flight case. These braces are used to secure the flight case panels together and keep edges reinforced.

- 51.5mm x 47mm x / 2" x 1 7/8"
- Internal Radius: 2mm / 0.08"

Finish: PennBrite
Offset: Yes
Material: 1.2mm / 18 gauge Steel
Weight: 0.037Kg / 0.082Lb / 0.99oz
Diameter of mounting holes: 5mm / 0.2"
Also available in:
Zinc - B1123EZ
Black - B1123K
Stainless Steel - B1123S

Suitable for use with the following extrusions: E0850/2000, E0885/2000, E0825/2000, E0826/2000, E0875/2000, E0876/2000.

Download our CAD 3D drawing of B1123:


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