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Power, Data & Signal. 3x 2.5mm Mains - 3x CAT5e Data & 2x Signal110 Ohm AES EBU~ 7YPW3LN3DG2 (CASC5DP25)

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Power + 3 x CAT5E + 2 x Digital
The SYNTAX® 7YPW3LN3DG2 cable was designed for usage on the new digital consoles, which use the third Cat5 as redundant line. The cable has the same specs as the 7YPW3LN2DG2 cable with the addition of one Cat5 data cable and increased power line up to 2.5mm².
Overall diameter 23.3 mm.

3 x CAT5E
Conductors: Solid bare OFC Ø=0,51mm - 24 AWG
Conductors jacket: Polyolefin Foam - Ø=0,95 mm
Color code: Comply EIA/TIA 568
First screen: aluminium-mylar foil 100% cov.
Second screen: tinned copper braid cov. >80%
Resistance of conductors: < 90 Ω/Km
Insulation resistance: > 10.000 Ω/Km
Capacity between conductors: 51 nF/Km
Impedance from 1 to 100MHz: 100 Ω
Jacket: Black PVC Ø 6,4 mm flame-retardant

Conductors: stranded OFC 3 x 2.5 mm² - 13 AWG
Conductors jacket: Brown, Blue, Green-Yellow PVC
External jacket: Black PVC Ø 9,1 mm flame-retardant

Conductors: tinned OFC 24 AWG - 28 x 0,10mm
Conductors jacket: white/blue gas injected foam Ø 1,4mm
Drain wire: tinned OFC 24 AWG - 7 x 0,18mm
Screen: aluminium/mylar foil 100% cov.
Nominal Impedence: 1-4 Mhz 110 Ω/100 mt
External jacket: Black PVC flame-retardant Ø 3,4mm
D.C.R. conductors: <86 Ω/Km
D.C.R. shield: <70 Ω/Km
Capacitance cond./cond.: 1Khz 37 nF/Km
Capacitance cond./shield: 1Khz 57 nF/Km

Overall jacket: matt Black PVC flame-retardant Ø=23,3 mm

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