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HDTV - SDI Video Installation Cable 7XVD59RHD

HDTV - SDI Video Installation Cable 7XVD59RHD (CASDIGY)

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The 7XVD59RHD coaxial video cable meets all the requirements of the Broadcast installations for HDTV and SDI high-definition video in spite of its reduced diameter.
The inner conductor insulation is made of a special foam plastic polymer which guarantees a very low capacitance value. This is key to maintaining low damping values on high frequency interconnections even in case of lengthy connections.
The double shielding is made up of tinned copper braid and aluminium foil. It ensures a high level of protection from external noises such as electromagnetic interference (EMI).
The flexible flame retardant PVC outer sheath makes the cable very easy to handle while maintaining low signal loss in longer distance transmissions.
Conductor: solid OFC red copper 1 x 0,81 mm
Conductor Jacket: � 3.75 mm foam-polyolefin
Shield 1: aluminium/mylar foil 100% coverage
Shield 2: OFC tinned copper braid 90% cov.
External Jacket: Gray
Overall diameter: � 6,20 mm