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9908 World Traveller Adapter Set of 5 9908

9908 World Traveller Adapter Set of 5 9908 (COM139908)

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9908 World Traveller Adaptor
Power Connection new travel adaptor set can be used in over 150 countries on 6 continents. It consists of 5 interlocking parts for ideal storage while travelling, and separates for simplistic use when you need to use an adaptor.
All adaptors are fully shuttered and in accordance with local standards and directives.
Please note that the travel converters are not voltage converters.
DL1 - Multi-way socket to USA, Japan, etc
DL2 - Multi-way socket to Australia, China, etc
DL3 - Multi-way socket to India, South Africa, etc
DL4 - Multi-way socket to Europe, Africa, etc
DL5 - Multi-way socket to UK, HK, Middle East, etc
Cannot be used with products requiring an Earth Contact for use with
Class II products only.
Voltage: 90 - 250V ac
Current: 10 Amps max
Load: 2500 Watts max
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Fuse: DL5 - 13A fused
Flammability: V2 (external casing)
Colour: Tinted clear
Weight: 190 grams typical (for set)
Finish: Fine sparkle
Dimensions of box
Width: 55mm
Height: 54mm
In accordance and compliance with the requirements of Low Voltage Directive 73/73/EEC this product is issued with a CE mark as per Directive 93/68/EEC
All parts RoHS compliant
Priced per set: available in any quantity
Packaging: Individual boxes in outers of 100


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