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PowerCON 32 Amp Chassis Socket NAC3-2MP (CONAC32MP)

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PowerCON 32 Amp Chassis Socket

32 Amp Chassis Connector with 3 protective earth conductors.
The AC installation coupler was designed for power distribution systems in professional IT equipment and desk power supplies for the office environment. The system is designed according to the British Standard BS 7671 section 607 only and is therefore limited to corresponding applications.
Operation is only guaranteed for related applications and has the ASTA marks licence number: 845. Note: The PowerCon is a connector without breaking capacity.

Features & Benefits:

- Three earth contacts provide robust and reliable protective earth connection via parallel path or ring configuration
- Third earth contact is additionally connected to metal conduit
- Fast and easy locking system
- High current capacity (32 Amp rated)
- Extremely robust and reliable
- Excellent cable handling and protection

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