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XLR 3 PIn Male Chassis DLX Black Body Gold Pins NC3MD-LX-B (CONC3MDLXB)

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XLR 3 PIn Male Chassis DLX Black Body Gold Pins

3 pole male receptacle

Solder cups

Black metal housing

Gold contacts

The DLX series features a compact all metal housing with an ingenious duplex ground contact, which offers excellent RF protection and shielding. It is the ideal match for mating with Neutriks EMC XLR cable connector.

Features & Benefits:

- All metal housing offers best overall RF protection and electromagnetic shielding
- New duplex ground contact for excellent contact integrity between chassis and cable connector
- Unique cage type female contact on 3 pole version increases conductivity and reduces wear on the mated male contact
- Female contact incorporates a solder barrier to prevent solder running into the contact mating area
- Larger solder contacts for easier termination
- Optional connection to easily join pin1 to chassis ground
- D-style housing provides installation compatibility with industry standard D mounting dimensions

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