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SpeakON SPX Right Angle 4 Pole Plug Cable 6-14mm NL4FRX (CONL4FRX)

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SpeakON SPX Right Angle 4 Pole Plug Cable 6-14mm

Neutrik 4 pole cable connector with chuck and dark grey bushing
SPX Series
This second generation of SpeakON connectors features a higher current rating for the operation of high power speakers and amplifiers carrying more than 1000 Watts. Change easily and quickly from a straight connector to the right-angle version, without disconnecting the cable.

Features & Benefits:
- Only 3 parts, easy to assemble
- Rated current per contact: 40 Amp rms continuous
- Rated current per contact: 50 Amp audio signal, duty cycle 50 %
- Dielectric strength: 4kV peak
- Rated voltage: 250V (Insulation)
- Cable O.D: 6 � 14.5mm
- Wire Size: 4mm
- Wiring: screw type terminals or soldering
- Locking device: Quick Lock (latch)
- Branded with unique hologram guarantees genuine and authentic Neutrik product

Priced per connector: available in any quantity
Packing information: Box quantity = 50

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