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SpeakON 4 Pole Chassis D M3 Tapped NL4MP-M3 (CONL4MPM3)

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SpeakON 4 Pole Chassis D M3 Tapped

SpeakON 4 pole chassis connector, black D-size flange, M3 threaded insert, 3/16in flat tabs
Airtight design - optimized for speaker applications
Body colour: Black

Features & Benefits:

Rated current per contact: 30 Amp rms continuous
Rated current per contact: 40 Amp audio signal, duty cycle 50 %
Dielectric strength: 4kV peak
Rated voltage: 250V (Insulation)
Wiring: flat tabs for 3/16in (FASTON 4.8 x 0.5 mm) or soldering
Mounting direction: Rear
Layout: standard hole position, metal M3 thread

Priced per connector: available in any quantity
Packing information: Box quantity = 100

With all plastic chassis connectors, if rear mounting using rivets rather than screws for fixing, it is recommended that a washer is used at the rear of the connector to spread the load rather than let the rivet dig into the plastic.

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