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MiniCON Male Contact Gold Plated Solder MPS (CONMPS)

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MiniCON Male Contact Gold Plated Solder

Male solder contacts, gold plated, for cable connectors and receptacles.
12 pole Miniature Connector. Modular very compact design. Up to 12 snap-in contacts per connector. Push-pull self-locking system. Precisely machined and robust all metal design. Gold plated contacts, crimp or solder. Excellent protection for a wide range of cable diameter.

Technical Specifications:

Receptacles for vertical and horizontal PCB mounting.
Number of contacts: 1 - 12 user selectable
Rated current: 3 A per contact
Rated voltage: 50 V ac
Dielectric strength: 1000 V dc
Contact resistance: = 8 m
Insulation resistance after damp heat test: > 500 M
Priced individually but sold in bags of 100

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