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Jack Plug Mono Silent Contacts Red NP2X-AU-SILENT (CONP2XAUS)

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Jack Plug Mono Silent Contacts Red

2 pole

1/4" professional jack plug

Gold plated contacts, red rubber overlay and silent switch

Special version of 2 pole plug with an integrated switch which automatically mutes (shorts) a guitar cable to avoid annoying pops and squeals when hot swapping guitars. The integrated silent switch is based on the REED technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 10,000 mating cycles.

Technical Specification:

- Rated voltage: 50V
- Dielectric strength: 1 kV dc
- Cable O.D: 4 - 7 mm
- Wire size: max. 1 mm
- Wire size: max. 18AWG
- Wiring: Solder contacts
- Shell: brass with rubber overlay
- Priced per connector: available in any quantity
- Packing information: Box quantity = 50
- Coloured boots available for coding or identification see COBPX

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