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Female Inline 85 Pin Rubber Coated Locking Ring SVK85FVRGCMPNC (COSHR85FL)

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Female Inline 84 Pin Rubber Coated Locking Ring

SVK series

Panel and inline versions available
The new SYNTAX® SVK and SVS audio series have been conceived and manufactured to set a higher standard for studio applications. Its IP67 waterproof rating makes it perfectly suitable also for outdoor applications. SVK audio and SVS Slim High Density series are compliant with Mil C 5015 & VG 95234 military standards. Compared to the previous version, the new SVK has been enhanced to achieve a higher level of strength and durability. Many of its features have been borrowed from the bigger SHD Roadline series, such as thicker backshell and locking ring. The locking ring also presents deeper knurling for the maximum ease of coupling and coupling roller pins. As in the SHD series, the locking ring is designed to prevent possible ovalization of the insert due to accidental blows. Protective caps are available.

Our protective caps are provided with special high-resistance lacing made up of seven stainless strands, covered by anti-scratch Teflon black tubing.
To meet even the most demanding requirements, SVK audio series is available in several configurations: 13, 19, 25, 37, 54, 85, 100 and 150 pins.

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