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Double 5ft Fitting/Batten for T8 LED tube LEDFIT5D (LEDFIT5D)

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Double 5ft Fitting for LED tubes.

The fitting has been converted to provide directly mains connection for LED tubes.

The LED tubes can be easily and quickly installed. Please take notice of which end has mains connections so that the right end of the LED tube is connected to it (AC input). For twin connection please make sure that the tubes are connected in parallel to the mains voltage.

Series connection are not allowed !

Sometimes the ballast or starter can fail prior to thee LED tube which leads to additional costs. Also magnetic ballasts have internal losses which add up to the energy consumption.

In order to avoid these unnecessary devices they have been removed making the assembly LED tube - fixture more reliable and efficient.

Warning! At no time should fluorescent tubes be used with these fixtures

Lenght: 1500 mm
Earthing: Yes

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