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Pack of 5 Breathable 3D-Comfort FFP2 Face Filtration Masks MAPEKN95 (MAPEKN95)

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MAPEW33 Pack of 5 Single Use FFP2 Filtration Masks

Global evidence and research strongly suggests that cloth masks are effective at reducing viral transmission rates. Help slow the spread of flu or viruses while out shopping or exercising with these comfortable cotton masks. Ideal to wear for long durations because they’re designed to fit snugly around the ear with a shape that rests easily on the face.

Designed for a comfortable fit with a 3D construction consisting of four individual layers that give FFP2 grade protection. Comes with adjustable nose guard and twin elastic headbands that allow a custom sealed fit to wear for extended periods of time easily. CE mark, conforms to EN149:2001 and A1:2009 standards to ensure filtration of a minimum of 94% of airborne dust, smoke and aerosol particles.

  • Snug and comfortable against face
  • Secured with ear loops
  • Multiple layers of fabric
  • Allows for unrestricted breathing
  • Can be laundered and machine dried
  • Factory of manufacture is listed by the US Food & Drug Administration

Apply to clean, dry skin

  1. Open mask and shape the nose clip with your fingers
  2. Place mask in your hands with headbands hanging down
  3. First place over chin, then pull over your nose
  4. Position bottom headband behind neck and upper headband above your ears
  5. Now adjust the nose clip and headbands with your fingers
  6. Check for a sealed fit. If air escapes during ventilation, re-adjust mask


Single use only - masks cannot be cleaned or used again.
Masks are in direct contact with the mouth.
Masks cannot be returned to packaging safely once opened.
Please dispose of masks in appropriate medical waste receptacles.
Do not use while sleeping, if you have difficulty breathing unaided or in unclean air.

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