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Rack Slide & Rotate 12U 10/32 R8010 (R8010-12U-1032)

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12U Slide & Rotate Rack Enclosure (10/32)

Designed to give instant 360° access to tightly-stored enclosures, the R8010 lets you effortlessly slide a fully-loaded rack out to 550mm (22") and rotate it in any direction.

The rack is built with high grade steel, structurally fortified so there's minimal flex under a heavy or full load. A rotation locking mechanism lets you extend the rack and then fix it to 0° or in ±60° increments to ensure the rack remains in place while being worked on. The two built-in catch locks ensure the rack can't extend or spin unless engaged.

The rear cable management tray is hinged so it folds when the rack slides in and out. As the cables are fed along the tray and up through the central opening, they're free to slide and spin with the rack without creating cable tension. With this method, cables are protected from damage and disarray.

The tower base and top portion also include cable management as well as fixing points for our compatible R4000-CT cable trays. The base unit holds the slide catch, the rotation catch (with removable security plate) and also includes cable tie holes at the rear as well.

Installation is easy too, just screw the base plate to any flat, solid surface. Assembly time: 30 mins.
Includes: top unit, rotating base unit, folding cable management bar, rack rails

Height: 634.2mm / 25"
Width: 495mm / 19.5"
Depth: 605mm / 23.8"
Extended Depth: 1355mm / 45.5"
Weight: 15kg / 33.06lbs
Load Capacity: 60kg / 132.28lb

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