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Rivet Grooved
S0740K is a grooved rivet with an aluminium body and steel mandrel, finished in black. Grooved rivets add extra grip to the fixing material and are therefore able to be fastened with added security and tightness, helping to increase the durability of your case. This rivet does not deform the surface after the riveting process is finished.
Type: Grooved
Material: Aluminium/Steel (Aluminium Body - Steel Mandrel)
Finish: Black
Diameter: 4.8mm / 3/16
Length: 14.4mm / 9/16
Weight: 0.3Kg / 0.66Lb per 100
Pack Unit: 1
Also available in: Silver (aluminium/steel finish) - S0740
Other lengths: 7.4mm / 5/16 (S0730), 11mm / 7/16 (S0735), 14.4mm / 9/16 (S0740), 18mm / 11/16 (S0745), 20mm / 13/16 (S0750), 25mm / 1 (S0755).
Rivets S0730 - S0745 are also available in black.
Backing Washer designed for use with this product: S1148

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