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Stage Box 12 in 4 out Type B Modular NSB2B-12/4 REAN by Neutrik NSB2B-12/4 (SBN2B124)

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Stage Box 12 in 4 out Type B Modular

Technical Characteristics:

- Width: 117 mm/ 4.6"

- Height: 79 mm/ 3.11"

- Length: 252 mm/ 9.92"

- NEUTRIK stage box Type B 12in 4 out
- 2 row trapezoid style with connectors on each side.
- The connectors are moulded onto a plastic plate in banks of four.
- Each connector has IDC connections.

If required these connector plates can be slid out of the extrusion and replaced with steel panels. There is a choice of panel, punched for 4 or 8 unified D or plain. The advantage of panels punched with D cutouts is the opportunity to fit any unified connector. For example: XLR, Speakon, Jack, PowerCon, BNC, Phono, Ethercon, USB or Firewire.

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