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80mm / 3" Blue Swivel Castor W0990/80 (W0990/80)

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W0990/80 Swivel castor with blue wheel

Light case castors are secured to the bottom of the case to make it easier to manoeuvre - a must for any large flight case or cases that will contain a heavy load. This swivel castor gives even greater manoeuvrability to your flight case.

Material: Steel / Blue Rubber (castor / wheel)

Castor finish: Zinc

Swivel Castor: 80mm/3in

Load capacity: 80Kg / 176lb

Weight: 0.61Kg / 1.34Lb

Fixing slots: 10.4 x 9mm


Also available as: Fixed Castor (W0975/80) or Braked Swivel Castor (W0985/80).

Can be used with: Castor release plates W0093/NB or W8980.

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